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About Community & Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:15 pm

Alienlabs is a community looking to seek out advanced extraterrestrial civilizations just like out of the scifi movies this community is free for everyone to enjoy and is a highly laid back family friendly environment. Rules are very simple respect others and there personal beliefs please don't harass other members in any kind of format that includes sexual harassment if you're being sexually harassed come talk to me and I will banish them from the community and ban there IP. I don't tolerate harassment at all and i'm here to prove that to my community. If you're a silencer or don't believe in aliens this place is not for you unless you're converted into a believer. I simply ask for no trouble what so ever on this expedition as scifi fans and alien believers alike. We're looking for all ways to improve the evidence that we are not alone in the universe based on scientific fact so if you got advice come on and discuss about it in the off topic forum! If you choose this as your alien hang out thanks a bunch! - Admin


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